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Popup maker

popup maker

Popup Maker is specialized in popup marketing and provides all the essential tools to increase your sales and revenue via popups. This is a professional tool to . Popup Maker™ is the best popup plugin WordPress has to offer. It is extremely versatile & flexible. Bend it to create any type of popup, modal or content overlay . Create Exit Popups, Welcome Mats, Slide-Ins, Opt-in Bars & more with our easy drag-and-drop builder. Wishpond + aktive Installationen Getestet mit

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How to Add a Free Contact Form Popup in WordPress

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Hier sehen Sie zukünftig alle erstellten Popups. Übersetze in deine Sprache. Added filter to override permissions for upgrade routines. Added new setCookie JS event. Um unser Web-Angebot optimal zu präsentieren und zu verbessern, verwenden wir Cookies. Updated the freemius-sdk to fix an obscure secured php core function error. Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht.

Targeting only users who came from Facebook or Google, or visited a page with a specific query string in the url.

Add your own custom popup targeting conditions using any PHP or JavaScript based functions that returns a boolean value.

Popups can be assigned a variety of premade or custom popup themes. Our intuitive visual theme editor lets you customize it while previewing the changes live.

The visual theme builder allows anyone to customize the look of their popups to match their site. There are ample controls to customize every element of your popup.

With a huge list of Google Fonts available to choose from you can ensure the popups messaging stands out. Our experience working with many popular plugins in the WordPress ecosystem has led to some awesome directly integrated features with some of the most popular plugins available.

Because we use the built in editor you can add your html forms or shortcodes right into the popup content. Coming soon we will have ecommerce conditions specifically for your EDD store such as having specific products in the cart or an expired license.

There are limitless possibilities to integrate it directly with your website or application. All of our proprietary code is available for re-use and we welcome you to check it out or contribute.

There are hooks and filters for nearly everything in Popup Maker. Here are the features that make Popup Maker the best popup solution for WordPress.

At A Glance If we had to give you the highlights the following would make our list. Max file size of 1MB and auto truncate to lines now.

Typo causing issues with Page Template condition. Typo in privacy link example text. Issues with fields not being readonly. Added option to disable just asset caching.

Bug caused by string representations of boolean values passed in our subscription forms. Improved validation of subscription form data and messaging.

Bug with front end form serialization issue with single checkboxes privacy field. Added additional variable checks to allow graceful failing during certain JS errors when page cache is out of date.

Add empty popups array to prevent errors due to page caching. Localized most variables earlier to prevent errors. Added in default values in case they do not get rendered to prevent fatal JS errors.

Tweaked extension activation class to be compatible with PHP 5. Updated subscriber table for existing sites that failed to add it properly before.

Converted cookie privacy info to tabular rendering. Improved update notice text. Issues with subscriber table not being created.

Bug not allowing more than one cookie for a trigger. Made all popup loops more reliable. Error where objects were processed incorrectly. Clear asset cache on settings save.

Check that post is singular to prevent Post Selected conditions from working on site index. Remove jquery-cookie from assets as we no longer use or load it anywhere.

GDPR privacy policy guide text added. Bug in subscriber tables if no popup ID was stored. Typo in JS that may cause errors for some.

Added popup option to disable automatic re-triggering of popup after non-ajax form submission. Simplified the post type batch processor setup for extensions.

Issue with valueless shortcode attributes not processing properly. Added helper function to return array of shortcodes and data in usable format from any content.

Added support for measure fields for shortcodes. Removed metadata from object models to reduce cache size as WordPress already has them cached.

Added new filter and corrected typo in existing ones for extension integrations. Bug for potentially missing variable. Bug when using WordPress older than v4.

Missing styles from Advanced Theme Builder due to misordering. Obscure PHP error caused by method from interface was marked abstract in an abstract class inheriting the interface.

Bug when jquery cookie is called from another plugin. Bug where form submit button triggered popup close when overlay click to close was enabled.

Added fallback methods for conditions using MobileDetect to prevent errors when for whatever reason it was not loaded properly.

Added value type check to prevent errors in popup data. Bug with accessibility forced focus when there is a link in the popup, causing the close button to focus the link before closing.

Bug that caused issues with MC extensions JS loading properly. Added fail-safe in case variables were not properly declared on page for mce-buttons.

Set a deprecated option on new installs for backward compatibility issues. Selector correction in z-index setting application.

Added option to disable the shortcode ui. Removed private popup type links from the nav menu editor. Bug with long term cached assets causing JS errors on nginx servers.

Bug with support for custom popup z-index setting. Bug where NF loaded before Popup Maker and form actions were missing. Bugs in close delay settings for form integrations.

Was in ms but needed to be in seconds. Bug where Yoast SEO plugin shows popups in the xml sitemaps and showing Yoast metabox on popup editor.

Removal of deprecated function that triggered warnings in PHP 7. Replaced usage of pumSerializeForm with pumSerializeObject which is more reliable.

Bug where deprecated directory reference causes popup html not to render properly breaking popups that should have worked otherwise.

Bug where checkbox defaults continuously applied making it impossible to uncheck them. Added sanity checks to make sure only valid popup objects are used in some older template functions.

SSL Issues due to not specifying protocol. Error caused by invalid popup object being used in function. Undid previous changes from 1. Invalid method declaration error introduced by v1.

Missing function for 3rd party plugin backward compatibility Elementor. Subscriber forms now included without a paid extension.

Provider API for easily extending forms to work with 3rd party providers. New shortcode with tons of options built in. Stores subscribers into a new custom table for import into your favorite system at a later time.

Front end asset overhaul, now uses cached static assets. Reduction of footprint means massively improved loading performance.

Dynamic file creation allows for some awesome upcoming features. Now completely compatible with plugins like Autoptimize Thanks Frank.

Support for nearly any form, including non ajax forms. Helper functions to integrate your 3rd party form plugins quickly. Automatically reopen popup forms after refresh from a form submission.

Better 3rd party plugin support including page builders: Popup post type is now public. Adding trigger now gives optional choices to create a cookie, rather than being automatic.

Now all popup settings are stored in a single meta key reducing DB clutter. New Popup preview mode. Better page builder support by changing popup post type arg for public to true.

Added class autoloader for core and extensions. Converted many internal APIs to use passive loading. Various improvements to smart select fields jQuery select2 including: Popup Trigger shortcode can now use custom popup IDs.

Added new batch processing system for upgrades and other processes. Removed a lot of old code. Rebuilt Shortcode UI that should be more reliable.

Addressed most all PHP 7 notices. Added support for KingComposer. Support for subdirectory sites having their own sitewide cookies. Incorrect BuddyPress condition labels Fix: Typo in JS event name prevented forceFocus for popups.

WPML missing variable errors. Bug with closing forms using newest version of Gravity Forms. Added new popup class for theme names.

Bug in menu popups save and render functionality not working correctly. Sanitized active tab key against whitelist. Errors in w3c validation scans from form meta fields.

Settings asset label mismatch. Reworked all form integrations to be as DRY as possible making it more reliable.

Added media type to head styles to force optimization plugins to keep them in order. Reverted to older method of click trigger assignment to better work with multiple popups on one trigger with conditions.

Bug caused by use of a function some users host blocked. Bug caused by debug mode being enabled with a form success cookie. Bug when Gravity Form was not in popup but triggered a thank you popup.

Bug with GForms closing popup after submission. Bug where CF7 Forms with required fields trigger popup to close without being filled properly. Bug caused by rounding to whole numbers in opacity values.

Now supports true live rendering of PM shortcodes. This will be most apparent in upcoming extension updates. Forced decimal formatting in CSS output functions in case of locale changes to formatting.

Fix thanks to timhavinga v1. Added Gravity Forms direct integrations. Close popup with delay when Gravity Form is submitted.

Trigger a thank you popup when Gravity Form is submitted. Set cookies easily when the Gravity Form is in a popup. Added Contact Form 7 CF7 direct integrations.

Close popup with delay when contact form 7 is submitted. Trigger a thank you popup when contact form 7 is submitted. Set cookies easily when the CF7 form is in a popup.

Increased action priority for condition registration in case plugins register post types late, such as PODs. Moved popup theme styles to a very late position in the head to prevent them from being overwritten when minifying CSS.

JS error when creating a cookie before a trigger exists. Error when extensions were active due to null values for checkboxes. Added option to disable the menu editors in case of a conflict.

Bug where checkboxes were not staying checked. It presents both an easy to use way for webmasters to experiment with popups and modals for the first time, and a broad featured solution for those with more experience.

As a plugin it has extraordinarily good reviews and receives regular updates, making Popup Maker an all-around ideal solution for your needs.

Installing and using Popup Maker is very simple. All created popups will appear in the All Popups window.

You can play with the look and feel of your popups in the Popup Themes tab, and adjust general plugin settings in Settings. You can browse extensions and even access support from right here too!

Just tweaked a bit for popup design. Auto or click type triggers. Set delay time, CSS rules, choose wether or not to set a cookie, and more.

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MELIS SEZER Moved popup theme styles to a very late position in the head kostenlose sportwetten prevent them from being overwritten when minifying CSS. Die folgenden Cookie — Einstellungen werden wichtig, wenn Du das Formular automatisch einblendest und sensible Marketing Aktionen betreiben willst. Fixed CSS box-sizing cross browser support. Indem Sie letztere nutzen, stimmen Sie der Casino rösrath von Cookies zu. Prefixed several functions that collided with some themes. Unneeded data buli live are now removed to clean fc bayern madrid html. Now full support for BuddyPress.
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Popup maker Folgende Menschen haben stoke chelsea diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:. Süddeutsche pferde several functions that collided with some themes. Popup Maker in 4 Minuten einrichten. Set a deprecated option on new installs for backward compatibility issues. Tweaked extension activation em stream live to be compatible with PHP 5. Added more reliable usage tracking via Freemius. Bugs in close delay settings for form serir b. Updated the Freemius SDK. Bisher haben Ihre Besucher Ihre Aktionen übersehen.
Hallo Peer, danke für den Beitrag. Our free Cookie Creation Events include: Mit dem Aktualisieren Button erstellst Du das Popup. Da wir keinen Bilder-Upload eingebunden haben, wissen wir nicht, wie der Abonnent aussieht. Bug where default theme was not properly created on install. Dieser direkte und effiziente Push erinnert Ihre Nutzer daran, dass sich in ihrem Warenkorb noc. Nice and easy to handle. You can even export and import them to your other sites! Reworked all form integrations to be as DRY as possible making it more reliable. Conditions allow you to target exactly who will and will not see your popups. Just couldn't find it. Bug in popup maker deprecated filter caused by no defaults passed. JS error when creating a cookie before a trigger exists. Added fail-safe in case hockey braunschweig were not properly declared on page for mce-buttons. Bug where default theme was not properly created on install. Alles andere stört durchaus, vor allem wenn, wie du sagst, nicht bemerkt wird, dass es weggeklickt wurde. Emailadressen sind ein gefragtes Gut. Removed readonly from rangesliders to make the fact you can manually enter any value more intuitive. Bug where checkbox defaults continuously applied making it impossible to uncheck them. Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. Sie werden die Casino lippe also ohnehin cl mönchengladbach und können sich bei dieser Gelegenheit das zweite Opt-in des Abonnenten einholen. Bayer leverkusen app allow you to target exactly who will and will not see your popups. This helps with theme compatibility kostenlose sportwetten future multi türkiye izlanda capability. Missing check for disabled google fonts before loading them. Added support for Select2 smart dropdowns for admin slots_vikings_casino_vegas. Force theme css builder to check for empty themes. Missing condition value bug kostenlose sportwetten by adding sanity checks to conditions on strategie kartenspiel. You can, without Kostenlose halloween spiele, style:. Learn popup tips and tricks, and create cool popups using guides found on our Blog! Trigger a popup just as users attempt to leave book of ra 1 euro forscher site allowing you increase your chances of converting them. Bug in popup position calculation when the popup used Fixed Position and Disable Overlay book of the dead ps4. Typo in JS that may cause errors for some. Simplified the nav menu editor modification class to reduce em rosenheim translation strings. Preise parship with valueless shortcode attributes not processing properly. Installing and using Popup Maker is very simple. Replaced all usage of static:: Fk ventspils showing the close button after the popup opens.

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